Which Business Telephone System to Choose and How To?

By reading this article, you're going to learn about the top 3 popular telephone systems that many businesses are using. At the same time, I will provide helpful guidelines that you should follow when choosing the right platform for your enterprise.

Number 1. VOIP - this stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and from its name, this telephone platform requires internet for it to operate. It works perfectly for small or start up businesses where only a handful of phones lines and voicemail systems are used. On the other hand, a basic requirement you must meet is to have enough bandwidth because if not, it may distort the calls.

Number 2. PBX - otherwise known as Private Branch Exchange, this PABX System delivers the needs both for midsize and big companies. The fact that this telephone system can switch equipment which allows routing calls to different employees and to outside lines is one of its major benefits. This said platform helps organization a lot and perfect for businesses with several departments.

Avaya Telephone System can minimize complications while callers are being connected to their desired department due to its auto attendant feature.

Number 3. Virtual PBX - in relation to this last option, it may be layered over the existing landlines or VOIP system used by the business. Since it's virtual, you don't have to allocate space in your office to install it. Several other features that are pretty common to virtual PBX system are toll free number, basic auto attendant, call forwarding and voicemail.

After determining which business telephone system is best for your business needs, there are important points to be considered when choosing a vendor. There are some vendors that do take care of the process of installation while some just leave it up to their clients. When you make a decision, it is vital that you have good understanding of their policies for setting up the system. There are several systems as well that are demanding training so choose a vendor that is capable of accommodating you and your employees too.

As much as possible, go with a vendor that is offering assistance when problem occurs, which is inevitable to these telephone systems. You want to be assured that there will always be a fast access to knowledgeable and reliable customer support whether you simply have question on certain features or currently having failure issues in the system.

It is preferable to pick a vendor that does offer emergency agreement where you need to pay small fee to get fast repairs at any point in time.